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British Columbia Driver Information

To apply to drive in British Columbia, upload documents through Lucky Driver app –– download it from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play store. To be approved to drive, applicants must meet these requirements.

Interested in applying with Lucky? Learn how to get your Class 4 licence and more at one of our driver education sessions.

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  • What you need to drive with Lucky To Go in British Columbia
    • Vehicle Requirements
    • Driver Requirements
    • Document Requirements
    • Vehicle Identifier
  • Driver Education Sessions
  • Driver Regulations in British Columbia
    • Hourly Driver Mode Limits
    • Daily Pre-Trip Inspection
    • Record Check Certificate
    • Accommodation of Guide and Service Animals
    • Best Practices
  • Know your Insurance
  • What your Autoplan Broker will Need to Know

  • When you are discussing your rideshare insurance plan with your broker it is important to come prepared with this information.

  • LTG is working with Hub international Insurance for TNS Blanket insurance

    • What are the requirements to drive for a ride-hailing company?
      • A Class 4 (restricted) commercial driver’s license issued in B.C.
      • A criminal record check
      • A vehicle that meets all requirements and has passed a vehicle inspection
      • LTG PTB licence
      • LTG ICBC TNS blanket insurance policy
      • Lucky-To-Go has negotiated with HUB International for a convenient “ready to pick up” option. You will have the option to simply contact the following and the documents will be amended to the specifications of the requirements. This saves time waiting in line at the brokerage. Call the HUB agent, and they will verify the information over the phone. Once the transaction is complete, you can simply stop by the office and sign the awaiting and printed documents, and leave..

      • Lucky-To-Go Hub International ICBC representative
      • Jack Liu – Victoria office

    • In-person support

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